Bread Milk & Honey Bread Milk & Honey Bread Milk & Honey

Bread Milk & Honey is a story of a family who had a dream of bringing delicious wholesome fare to the business folk of Cape Town’s inner city. Started in 2006, Bread Milk & Honey had 2 tables and 1 additional staff member. Today it has 17 tables, a separate bakery and a team of 14. Mom and Dad have retired, but their legacy remains. John’s handmade coffee counter made from the original floorboards from Adderley Park is a permanent fixture. Lillian’s lifetime of baking wisdom is imbibed in each of her bakery recipes that has been perfected over the years.

Michael now lives in Lethbridge, Canada where you will find the second Bread Milk & Honey – making us an international offering. That leaves Mandy, the youngest of all taking care of the family jewels.


Years later we’re still striving to stay true to our vision which is to bring joy and nourishment to each and every customer through sincere service and fare that is made with love and quality ingredients.